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Vroom Vroom

Daily Torque is basically a Car Blog by Malaysian. It is all about cars and everything related to cars including the beautiful racing queen and car model. We would like to make it a blog that provide information about the latest hapennings in the car industry and the most updated automotive news.

We comprise of 3 bloggers who have different views and different knowledge in cars and blogging. But we do share a same passion for cars. Our Automotive Blog is separated carefully into different car brand category and news category to make navigation easier for our visitors.

So if you share the same passion or if you like to get updated on cars and chicks. Come by our blog and leave some comments.

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I guess there are people who forget that we are doing review for Malaysian Blogs, but you will have to write your own review and we will take a look if it is proper. Here is how you can get yourself a free review.

Gas Price at 1.90/litre

Another great news because oil barrel have dropped to all time low in three years. Our petrol price is only 2 sen lesser compare to a year ago???