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Celebrating 100 days

28 JUNE 2008


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Now see what the govt do agian?

Again and again our Government disappointed us with the chain effect of Petrol Price. Everyone is trying to rip a higher price for the goods along with this Petrol Price inflation. Including the gas station owner’s who said to not allow credit card for pumping gas. If this goes, I truly hope they get robbed since they are cash rich.

The government now is only doing selfish stuff and their citizen are so unsatisfied with them. Wonder what government operate by going against their citizen and call themselves democratic country? Answer: Malaysia.

Ohhh…the toll of Petrol prices approaching

This will soon fall on the hands of consumer. Today, paper stuff have all increased including commercial cartons and boxes. Cost of living will be expected to rise.

Wonder how the government would want us to adjust our lifestyle? Eat less one meal a day?

Malaysian Gives the Lousiest Resons

I wonder if it is me or them who find this article Petronas could go bust by 2018 and Petronas has nothing to do with price hike contradicting.

Giving reason is what the big boys are good at!

Taiwan Transportation Cost compare to Malaysia

I just met 2 Taiwanese and they are basically laughing at our country because petrol price that we are paying is only slightly higher compare to their country, But….BUT they only pay at most RM90,000 for a Toyota Camry. It is a joke, real joke for Malaysian Government to increase the petrol price and keep our car price at such a high rate.

That is about RM50,000 extra for petrol price. I wonder how much could we spend on petrol in a year? Let say you spend RM800/month. That is already 5 years of free petrol. 5 YEARS of FREE PETROL!

Also, he mentioned that most roads in Taiwan are FREE, no tolls and no toll rates increasing.

They earn more because their living cost is higher, but their transportation cost to travel the same distance is definitely cheaper than Malaysia.

Malaysia Newspaper


So now we know that RM2billion was wasted previously

Does that mean that previously RM2 billion was just wasted on these entertainment previously and we actually paid the price? This is going to the lower income group, to who? People who earned RM1k below? RM2k below? to Kampung? To people that have no cars (actually what for, because those who have cars suffer now)? let us know where this extra RM2billion is going. I am really really interested to know. BE TRANSPARENT!

Regroup and vote for removal of Taxes on Import Cars

I think we should all regroup and vote for the same cause. I am sure that there is a lot of people dissatisfied with the current cost of transportation, and even the removal of import tax on cars would not cushion this increase of petrol in the short term.

Moreover, our most absolutely cocky Petronas is actually asking for the last RM0.30/liter of subsidies to be totatly removed. This is what selfish people would do in order to make themselves richer and always tries to monopoly everyone else for the benefit of their ownselves.

Here is the argument for the removal of taxes on cars. I strongly thinks it is a reasonable as we are talking about cost of transportation. We are paying a lot of money in advance, and in return, we loses more on interest that bank charges for our finances. Let us buy a better technology car which would in return consume less petrol. Support removal of Taxes on Import Cars.