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Why is the flag faded?

People must be wondering why my Malaysia flag is faded. I actually altered a Malaysia flag picture to have it faded. This is because Malaysia is far from a perfect country, I guess no country will be perfect, but Malaysia have still a lot to learn from developed countries but in order to achieve them, Malaysia use our oil resources carefully to grow our country together with its people and not only work with the rich ones.

Malaysia Cabinet Line Up

Cross our fingers and hope for the better Malaysia.

Election Result 2008

TheStar has a interactive Election Map on the people won. 

or Go on to the table to view the winnings and lossings.

Malaysia Election 2008 Updates

View the Malaysia Election 2008 Updates here.

Mirror of

TheStar Election Results 

NST Result 

DAP Statistics 

Checking the location of Polling Center

SPR have provided a website for those to check their location of their Polling Center for this Saturday, 8th March Malaysia Election. Please make sure because 2 people with the same address at their I/C may end up in different polling center. All you need is your Malaysia Identification Card Number (Malaysia I/C).

There is 2 servers or

Be sure to check them out before leaving your house this Saturday.