How are you Malaysia?

What is your outlook of Malaysia with Pakatan Harapan?

Bersih 4 Around the Globa on August 29 & 30

Global Bersih


Join the movement. Keep up with the event here via Facebook Event

How to cast your vote during Malaysia Election?

Especially for those who are first time voters, this is a good idea of how the situation when you are casting your vote on the upcoming Malaysia Election. Please cast your vote properly and acknowledge the officer if there is any wrongdoing found. Aku Bantah!

Base Jumping at Menara Kuala Lumpur (Awesome)

Superb Base Jumping videos from Menara Kuala Lumpur! Pretty intense even watching through the video.

Telecom Career

Are you looking for a Job in the Telecommunication Industry? This is a growing industry with data network now getting more traction compare to the conventional voice services. Also mainly due to the hunger of mankind towards a better way of communicate. From communication between peoples using voice or text messaging (sms) to communication information through internet or streaming of movies, you can be a part of this industry given you possessed skills in IT, Project Management, Engineering, Management or equivalent.

This is a new website for people who wish to join the Telecom Career. You will find jobs, get mail for certain jobs category updates and upload your resume to apply for jobs.


Malaysia very own Gangnam Style

This is quite a good remake of the famous Gangnam Style with some small twist of its own. It is not bad and having more than 250k views in comparison to the original having 57 million views.

The part showcasing the making is quite a good idea.

Malaysia DAP Chief Minister Invaded

I truly can’t believe such thing is happening in Malaysia. He is the opposition leader and should get respected as he contributed to our country as well. How can police allow this? What happen to the Law?

Total disgrace!

Malaysia News Censored and Filtered