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Get free blogs review here

If you need a blog review, post a comment here, and when I have time to get on to it, I will give you a free review with a link to your website.

Although, it seems that this website does not have much ranking or traffic, it will be able to generate some traffic in the future due to the fact that this is

The only condition is that you have to be resident in Malaysia, or Malaysian living overseas. Somewhere in your previous blog post should show either one.

Leave your comment with your url now!

Promote your blog to Malaysian

If you are aiming to get Malayian reader to your blog, there are few feed aggregator and digg alike website where you could promote them.

Feed Aggragator (uses rss, therefore you don’t have to post it to them or do a trackback) (could use trackback if you email them for the link, if not, you will have to post your article manually)

Digg alike website – A Malaysia version of digg, not sure when they will be closed – This website have been long but I have not try it personally.

Malaysian Blogs Directory

List your blog at for free.

This is a human edited directory to ensure that all blogs are genuine and from Malaysia.