Monthly Archives: February 2008

Malaysia Election on the 8th of March

There is quite a few hillarious video made in conjunction with our coming election on the 8th of March
Song by the indians

Election Song

Happy Valentine Day

Do you know where to bring your date for dinner tonight? Check out Malaysian Food Review, they have compiled 12 good restaurants in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur area with their Menu. Find out what you and your partner would like to feast upon, and best of all, there is price included. You will have the confidence that you could afford and enjoy the whole dinner without worrying about the price.

Chinese New Year Mood

It seems that most people is still at Chinese New Year mood even though, it is already 1 week since the first day of Chinese New Year. The best thing is Chinese New Year is the atmosphere and next to it is collecting Ang Pow for those who are unmarried. Unfortunately, I am no longer available for collection.  How much did you get for this Chinese New Year?

Will be attending Kuala Lumpur World Futsal 5’s

Today will be the final day for this Futsal Competition. Will be watching Holland vs Iran for the plate then Brazil vs Argentina  for the final.

This will be the first time watching live futsal in a stadium. I am expecting some good moves and hopefully I will be near enough to learn a trick or two.

More info at KLWorld Website