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Driving in Malaysia

I think it is very debatable on how Malaysian drive, but I belief that this affect the productivity of its people. All do respect, I am personally a pretty fast driver, but expects to be safe. I hate to do those zig-zag if I do not have to, or I hate to drive very near the front car to make the change lane. But sometimes it really hard not to when you see those people hogging the lane as much as they like.

I think that the right lane is always for overtaking only, therefore, if you are slow/fast you will always have to give way to the faster car. But in Malaysia those kiasu fellas would rather drive at their own pace and block the road. I think that Malaysian are much more kiasu in terms of driving than anything else.

Do you notice that in Malaysia, when you encounter a 3 lane highway, the middle lane is always the slowest. It is actually quite typical, which is another reason people zig-zag around the road.

The Other Sides of the Story by Sufiah Yusof’s Family

There is so many talk about Sufiah being in the escort industry. But I guess it is always fair to hear two sides of the story since news is always bias and ruled by some political party and their aim is to entertain readers.

Here is the url for Yusof’s Family Blog.

Found it from Sisuahlai

Bloggers Own Rules

Few Bloggers was featured at TheStar

Paul Tan (, Kimberly Low (, and Lim Su Ann (

mentioned that bloggers should set their standards of ethics

This is very true indeed. Like VK Lingam could actually say that he was drunk and at his house, therefore he could say anything he likes at the comfort of his home. Now he is still a free man I belief. This is the latest news I could find from TheStar with his name.

Don’t the govrnment know their mistake in losing a lot of the seats to the opposition, it is not because the opposition blogs about the bad stuff UMNO people did, but it is because the people at UMNO really did those things mentioned. Correct yourself and your will get the confidence of the public.

Stop blaming others on your mistakes!

Air Asia Charge Baggages checked in

This is the very first time for me hearing that an airline charges passenger for the baggages they brought up to the plane. I think the next thing which they will charge is the weight of the passenger because

“Lighter baggage on board means burning less fuel, hence, less pollution and a better environment. Fewer checked-in baggage improves airport efficiency and will eventually lead to shorter check-in queues,” he added.

Similarly, lighter passenger should pay less compare to heavier passenger. Lets say a lady weights 60kg with a 30kg baggages and another men weight 120kg with a 5kg baggages, who should consume more fuel?

Anyway, you are suppose to do it 48 hours before your flight. I know someone flying back to Malaysia after 21st April, therefore, I will update the actual process. Currently, you will have to try it out yourself at AirAsia online check in.

Malaysian marrying foreigner

This is NOT a know issue, when you ask a foreigner wife married to a Malaysian, everyone is shock to hear that the wife is actually not a Permanent Resident. It is very sad because there are a lot of issue rise when the wife could not obtain a permanent resident.

Foreign wife are not allowed to work for the first 5 years of marriage, unless the company goes through a process which takes around 3 months approval. Or when the company has MSC status, they could make the process easier. Even after 5 years, the foreigner will have to obtain a letter from the company to get approval from Immigration.

For example, when your children is born, they are a citizen of Malaysia but not the wife, unless they are approved. If anything happens to the husband (touch wood), the wife will be deported back to their original country, but the child is a citizen of Malaysia.

How long can you get your IC? This is the question arise because there is never a definate answer. Immigration officers will inform you that the application starts after year 5 of marriage.

Why does this issue arise? Does Malaysia government just hate foreigners staying permanent in Malaysia? or there is too many people who hires agent to get a wife from an undevelop country? Is this a race issue affraid that other race will be larger?

UPDATE: This was the case previously, good news for those who are tying the knot now as you can work immediately with the company registration information and a official offer letter from the Company. Head to immigration to get your working permit stamp on your spouse visa.