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Malaysia Top Blogs List

Rice Blogger has came out with a Malaysia Top Blogs List. This is a listing of the top 100 blogs in Malaysia. This list is ranking by Alexa and Technorati currently. And we could expect more ranking to be taken into account when the code / script is available.

It will be updated frequently with a script. Take a look at your list to see if your blog is inside the top 100 blogs. If you think your blog have what it takes to be up there, be sure to contact Adi Wong to include them into his list.

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Vroom Vroom

Daily Torque is basically a Car Blog by Malaysian. It is all about cars and everything related to cars including the beautiful racing queen and car model. We would like to make it a blog that provide information about the latest hapennings in the car industry and the most updated automotive news.

We comprise of 3 bloggers who have different views and different knowledge in cars and blogging. But we do share a same passion for cars. Our Automotive Blog is separated carefully into different car brand category and news category to make navigation easier for our visitors.

So if you share the same passion or if you like to get updated on cars and chicks. Come by our blog and leave some comments.

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I guess there are people who forget that we are doing review for Malaysian Blogs, but you will have to write your own review and we will take a look if it is proper. Here is how you can get yourself a free review.

Malaysia Blogs

The directory was down for a moment because the form is no longer working. Therefore now it is changed to a email system. To submit your blog, kindly email your blog address and all other required information. You will get yourself a Page Rank 2 link from this directory.

Only Malaysia Blogs.

Win an Ipod

This Malaysia Classifieds Contest is only open for Malaysian Resident.

It is to promote the ussage of online classifieds amont Malaysian. This is actually a good thing for the community because:-

  1. More people using Malaysia Classifieds.
  2. Easier to sell things.
  3. More Things
  4. Lead to more searches

This cycle goes over and over again and it will actually grow enormously.

Previously, I have written a review on this Malaysia Classifieds and I belief it should be promoted a lot. Now it is a better reason to use since we have a chance of win an Ipod Nano.

What Malaysian Blog about?

If you are thinking of having a blog, you should have some idea what you are writing about. There is tons of stuff you could write about other than yourself. I own few blogs and it is all about different stuff. Here is some idea.

  • Personal Blog
  • Business Blog
  • Hobby Blog
  • Blog about Blog

Other than that, you should know that Worpress is a very powerful script and easily altered to different usage. ie Classifieds, Directory, Publishing Website and maybe some new idea you can think of.

Malaysia Classifieds

Newspaper Classifieds have been a vital trade medium for everyone, and Internet has actually made it better with wider exposure and lesser cost to the medium, seller and buyer. My Malaysia Classifieds have been started since 2004 and it has grown into a trading community with 5000+ pageviews/day.

Malaysia Classifieds Online is very essential to enhance trade of used electronics, cars, property, housing, real estate, books, jobs and any other item you could think of.

If you have something to sell or you are looking for a rental for your property. Try Syiok.Com, since it is free, you basically have nothing to lose.

There is a lot of benefit to using online classifieds and many have already try using them. The main reason is because you could reach the potential buyer without using an agent, therefore saving you some money and you could rent/sell your property more competitively.

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad’s Blog

A little slow on posting this but I think most of you would like to know that even our ex-prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad started to blog now. Blogging by the name Che Det. Wonder what does that means.