Monthly Archives: January 2008

Chinese New Year coming up

What will you do during the Chinese New Year? Some will go back to hometown, Some will take this opportunity to travel overseas to avoid giving ang pau or a good time to take some day off, others will be staying at home.

My hometown is here in Selangor / KL. I will be going no where much, and visiting relatives may just take half a day. Other time will be doing some house hopping and gambling moments.

Youth Malaysia SPAM

It seems that YouthMalaysia decided to expose the emails of those who joined the Youth Malaysia Dot Com Search. I think Malaysia Internet is lack of privacy protection, they should have a privacy disclaimer, but they don’t which allows them to do the same mistake again and again.

YouthSearch for Malaysian Bloggers/Webmaster

Have you joined YouthSearch? YouthSearch is promoting Youth Bloggers/Webmaster in Malaysia. It is said that the Cash Rewards is RM20,000. Yes, RM20k, it is a huge sum and if you are a webmaster, that money will definately give you some boost, not mentioning the fame that you will get. Currently having already 389 users and closing date is at 10th January. Good Luck.