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Malaysian Blogs is also updated with PageRank

Submit yourself to It is now updated with a small pagerank of 2. Eventhough it is low, it is still a growing directory and will benefit your blog.


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Malaysia.WordPress.Com is now PR3

I am no longer doing free review. Instead, if you are interested to market your blog or website. Write them to me (malaysianblogs [ate] gmail [tiny dot] com) and I will review them, if it is accepted, I will post them here. Fair enough?

I don’t think I will do this for long therefore write them to me fast and I will post them. I only accept genuine blogs. Blogs that are made for adsense websites, any illegal website,  gambling, xxx, and affiliate will not be accepted. If you are not Malaysian, sorry to say that it is not welcome either.

This is a site to promote Malaysian websites and blogs.

The World and Malaysia

I don’t quite understand about the topic and the relation with the content. Although I am seeing the world other than Malaysia. It seems like a lot of it is videos and pictures to pass time. It is especially nice to look at when you are working and trying to take some time off. The topic may very a lot but you may just find something interesting and may be able to share with your friends and colleagues.

If you are bored at office, go onto

The King of Money

Rajawang means the king of money in Malay language. Rajawang provides updated and quality information if you are interested to learn more about making money online. Although is fairly new, but it is getting some crowd as it is constantly updated with information.

If you are thinking to monitizing you site, Rajawang is the place to go.

A Voice from a growing entrepreneur

Hanafi is a personal blog which shares his experience and thoughts on this blog. Hanafi own his own company which does Business and IT consultant.

The blog carries a very wide variety of different post category but it is mostly slant towards technology and IT and Internet.

His motif of having the blog is as follows:-

Based on the report of ‘Wawasan 2020’, the Bumis are still a long way to achieve targeted level of economy. Our majority are still dependent on certain economic sectors with very little venture into entrepreneurship. The blog hopes to motivate and encourage the Bumis especially the young to think ‘outside the box’ thus improving our economic status in Malaysia. Non Bumis are also welcome to drop by.

If you would like to know more and stay tuned to this news. Go to