Monthly Archives: July 2008

Crude Oil Price Down by 16%

Should we have an adjusted price in our petrol since the Crude Oil Price is down to RM125/barrel as of yesterday. What happen to the review of price monthly, I hope it is going to be down by the first thing next month.

Government should not avoid talking about this issue because it is critical and everything have already inflated. Doubt that commercial product will have a reduction in their prices but at least petrol will lossen the burden of their citizen.

If you have a blog or a website, please write about this to urge for this issue.

Another issue is that we could remove excise taxes on import of cars so that we could purchase cars that have better fuel saving features or even hybrids that are cheaper.

Win an Ipod

This Malaysia Classifieds Contest is only open for Malaysian Resident.

It is to promote the ussage of online classifieds amont Malaysian. This is actually a good thing for the community because:-

  1. More people using Malaysia Classifieds.
  2. Easier to sell things.
  3. More Things
  4. Lead to more searches

This cycle goes over and over again and it will actually grow enormously.

Previously, I have written a review on this Malaysia Classifieds and I belief it should be promoted a lot. Now it is a better reason to use since we have a chance of win an Ipod Nano.

Proton Car is Not Good

“In the long run, Mercedes cars are cheaper to maintain and could also save us fuel costs.

This is what mentioned when Terengganu state government has defended the purchase of 14 Mercedes E200 Kompressor cars at RM3.43mil for the use of its state executive councillors and senior officials.

Another emberassing story for Proton. Wonder why the government does not question “Why are we still defending Proton with the Excise tax?”

Proton – Malaysia Carmaker

Today we will talk a little off topic from the gas and the highly overated politics that is full of junks.

Our beloved car maker. Take a read from Wikipedia about Proton Company, it is truly amusing that our country would make mistake but the citizen were to bear their mistake. Read the wiki and you will know what am I talking about, you will find that EPF is actually buying up all the useless shares in Proton.

On top of that, we have to pay Excise Duty on our import cars.

My recomendation to Proton, save our money and admit lost. Sell your car manufacturing plant to any other car maker and scrap how everymuch cash you could.

But a typical Malaysian that does not need to hold responsibility of his action that causes all the lost will always be a coward!

In reply to Shafie

Shafie said blogs not doing any good.

I must say that when information travels through various parties, there may be some information that are altered. But it is also the opportunity for its resident to voice out. The untrue will only mislead a couple of people, but when there is many blogs saying that they are not happy with the Government or they would rather take a radical change to support PKR, this is the TRUTH. Accept the truth!

I strongly thinks that Malaysia Government just wants its citizen to keep quite and let work our ass off to pay tax and then let them handle the huge sum of money. WE ARE UNHAPPY, don’t you get it. Although you may never please everyone in this country, but you are definitely pleasing only the rich ones. The middle class and lower class aren’t satisfied because they are getting poorer each day because of incapable government management in Malaysia.

Even if you are operating a company as a boss, the workers now a days will have a say and eventually the company will fall without good workers. Similar with a country.

Klang Community Forum

I have been active in Klang Community Forum, and I think It deserve a review by me since it is a great forum with great community. Founder Kimmy Sia had put in a lot of effort to make this forum a success, this is a one man show moderating and upgrading the forum. He did a great job as I know how hard it is to maintain a website alone for hobby.

MyKlang was founded somewhere beginning of year 2007 and it has grown to a daily update forum as of today. It is fun to have an online community where you could meet some extra friends.

Stay away from Fuel Rally??

There is no Freedom of Speech. The government just do not want to know how frustrated is their citizen. They are either denying the fact or do not want to know the fact at all. Can’t anyone show its anger peacefully? We are suppose to apply for some letter so that we could rally (more of a demonstration) in group.

This is ridiculous!

Although I would not participate in rally, I strongly belief that we have the right to show our dissatisfaction against our government.

I don’t know why would a foreigner come to Malaysia as a second home anymore. There is too many unstable condition going on in Malaysia currently and I belief that if this continues, Malaysia will be doomed.

The news that violate our freedom.