Malaysia.WordPress.Com is now PR3

I am no longer doing free review. Instead, if you are interested to market your blog or website. Write them to me (malaysianblogs [ate] gmail [tiny dot] com) and I will review them, if it is accepted, I will post them here. Fair enough?

I don’t think I will do this for long therefore write them to me fast and I will post them. I only accept genuine blogs. Blogs that are made for adsense websites, any illegal website,  gambling, xxx, and affiliate will not be accepted. If you are not Malaysian, sorry to say that it is not welcome either.

This is a site to promote Malaysian websites and blogs.

3 responses to “Malaysia.WordPress.Com is now PR3

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  2. would be pleased to hear any updates from the author. malaysia need quality write up.
    long live the malaysian blogs.

    ordinary joe
    kuala lumpur

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