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Property Buy & Sell

If you are looking for some Malaysia Property or you are looking for a property buyer. You can post your advertisements here at Posting is simply free.

You can also rent your apartment, house, shop lots, factory and other properties at PropertyTrade. Posting is simply and you can upload upto 5 pictures.

Malaysia Accident

10/102010 Thursday
On that nite, I drove by myself from JB back to KL, By the way to KL, I went to the petrol and getting reload the Touch N Go. I saw had 4 malay guys at the petrol there lepak. After I done my things then I just straight going from Johor Alor Gajah Highway to KL. Suddenly, got one car deliberately driving fool in front my car, and result in traffic accidents and my car out of control with 720° accidentally struck to longkang.
On that time, two malay guys ran nearby my car and used the brick stone to hit the window hardly and shouted to asked me come out …


Pictures and Source Here

Malaysia Used Car

If you are planing to sell your car or you are looking for some used car. You can start looking at this user friendly Malaysia Used Car listing. DailyTorque is a automotive blog with thousands of visitor daily, they are now starting a used car classifieds for our Malaysian resident.

It is organized properly to car type with various brands. You can pick from Antique Car to a Toyota Prius Hybrid to a Audi Q5 MPV. Posting is free and viewing is simply browse by category. With the search option it is even easier.

Visit the website below.