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Malaysia 1.8 million ringgit Facebook Page

6 Facebook Pages for a total of almost RM1.8 million. Pages listed are

a) Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia (
b) Citrawarna 1Malaysia ( ..the page looks fishy with copyright photo )
c) Karnival Jualan Mega 1Malaysia and Karnival Jualan Akhir Tahun
d) Festival Pelancongan Seni Kontemporari 1Malaysia
e) Kempen 1Malaysia Bersih, 1Malaysia
f) Fabulous Food 1Malaysia

So far I can only find and other page is not found. Weird that freemalaysiatoday have it posted but took it down…I guess the word free is actually controlled after all (Google Cache). Anyhow we have the page from Lim Kit Siang’s blog.

Also don’t forget to like our very own CURI CURI WANG MALAYSIA

Malaysia Sugar Prince Increase by 20cents

Less Teh Tarik and Milo, it is going to be ice kosong or air suam from now as restaurants and mamaks will now take their opportunity to increase their drink price once again. It will be RM2.30/kg tomorrow, increase by 20 cents.

Source: Bernama

Not Homocide, Not Suicide

That is the final verdict of Teoh’s Case

Source: TheStar

Malaysia Accident

10/102010 Thursday
On that nite, I drove by myself from JB back to KL, By the way to KL, I went to the petrol and getting reload the Touch N Go. I saw had 4 malay guys at the petrol there lepak. After I done my things then I just straight going from Johor Alor Gajah Highway to KL. Suddenly, got one car deliberately driving fool in front my car, and result in traffic accidents and my car out of control with 720° accidentally struck to longkang.
On that time, two malay guys ran nearby my car and used the brick stone to hit the window hardly and shouted to asked me come out …


Pictures and Source Here

RM1.85/liter for RON95

yup, it is finally here as once again our government reduce their subsidies of their fuel. The reason ‘to ensure economic growth’ but what about car subsidies, aren’t that suppose to be reduce then. Compare car price and petrol price with our neighbouring country is what our government should. When transportation price goes up, our cost of living go up, our manufactured product goes up, our tourism cost goes up, our food goes up and then everthing will increase in price eventually.

But the decision is alwas final, RM1.85/liter is what Malaysian will pay for their RON 95 petrol.

Only in Malaysia – Facebook Fan Page

This is a must add you have an account with Facebook. Their picture there is simply hilarious, you will not know so much funny things actually happen in Malaysia.

You will see something like Polis parking in yellow line

Or signboards like this in Malaysia

And even some funny stuff that is actually happening in your neighbourhood

Malaysia Legal EPL Betting

Seems that one of the big tycoon, Vincent Tan has gotten the license to operate sport gambling legally in Malaysia. And then he sold 70 stake of the company, Ascon Sports for 525 million ringgit. You will be able to bet on the English Premier League (EPL). I guess the soonest would be next season.

Hmm….legal EPL gambling…even via telephone will be available.

What is your view in legalizing EPL betting?