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Malaysia H1N1 – 26 Death

From Bernama, the death count caused by H1N1 is 26. Eight death cases are reported yesterday.

Source Bernama

Follow our Prime Minister on Twitter

Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, our new Malaysia Prime Mnister is on twitter. If you would like to follow his footsteps, you can follow him at his twitter. If you do not know, twitter is a microblogging network where people could blog through their handphone (through SMS or web browser) and others could choose to follow him/her through their own twitter account.

Twitter here!

Najib Tun Razak

Malaysia News

Follow the latest news from various online newspaper feeds through twitter. @Malaysia News

Newspaper source includes various English, Malay and Chinese newspaper.

If you would like to add any feeds, leave us a comment here.

The line of the day

Countries with government that are not shameful of their own wrongdoing will never grow.

Fuel Price Drop another 15cents

Fuel price in Malaysia dropped another 15cents last night. Currently we are payting Rm2.30/litre for RON97.

Despite the economy going downwards and US dollars strengthening, but fuel price drop because of the lower energy cost per barrel of crude oil.

KLCI goes below 1k

As of now, I am looking at KLCI of 998.05.

Malaysia KLCI

Free Bubur Lambuk

I was actually given Free Bubur Lambuk at Concord Hotel Shah Alam. It was weird because I was expecting to meet someone at the hotel, but the person wasn’t there yet, so I had to move on and hang out somewhere nearby. While driving out into and out of the hotel, there were lots of canopy tents preparing food.

They gave free Bubur Lambuk. It is actually the first time I tried and it taste very nice. The only concern is that you won’t be able to eat them when you are sick because it is quite oily.

Great Job. Thanks for the snacks. Too bad it is just a one day thing, not sure what is the event for, maybe some kind of promotion for their ramadan month buffet.