Anwar the Next Malaysia Prime Minister

I did not know that being underdog also have his rights to demand for terms. But I am still looking forward to see what Anwar would do when he is our Prime Minister. It is not happening today as promised by Anwar to take over the government on Sept 16th 2008.

Here is his terms to our current PM.

1) That Barisan does not hinder or prevent the MPs from acting in accordance with their conscience, constitutional rights and independentjudgement;

2) That the Barisan government should not invoke the Internal Security Act to detain the MPs or any other current Pakatan MPs;

3) That the Barisan government does not invoke emergency laws or police powers or suspend the Constitution or dissolve Parliament; and

4) That the Barisan government shall not impose roadblocks or impede MPs from going to Parliament or any institution of government.


One response to “Anwar the Next Malaysia Prime Minister

  1. Anwar can only become the PM is 3/4 of the Malays support him.

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