Malay should do this, Malay should do that?

Once a while I notice that there is some urge for Malay to keep it up a notch or Malay should be more entreprenuer……Why are they saying this is a harmonious multi-race country when they are actually not? You can say that I am naif but indirectly, this means do not lose to the Chinese and Indians (if not they will take over the country). You are so afraid of losing the country that basically give more and more rights to Malay.

This article is actually written base on our own Prime Minister word.

As a Chinese who are born in this country for the 3rd Generation, I am seeing more and more distant between races because of political leader like our very own prime minister. We formed this country base on 3 main races but in political term, they would threaten like “If you don’t support MIC, Indian interest will not be protected” just to gain votes.

What happen to “What you can do to our country as a whole? or as a cummunity? more accurately as Malaysian?”


5 responses to “Malay should do this, Malay should do that?

  1. oposition blurb and blunders in politicizing peoples psychology can be summoned at court.

    believe it?

    the momentum is this..

  2. that is practically different…they have quotas….i belief that those that qualified should be allowed into the UiTM…not skin color…..wth with 100% bumis…[this is actually what I called pulling the line….you got the initial bumi rights…but you demanded more by wanting your very own university….by right you could only have 70% bumis the 30% of other race if you want to be fair because this is our race ratio]

    do you know how much chinese are deprive of better education when it comes to this

  3. i thought that malaysia is more like a metropolitan country where every race is united. i never thought the division between races is that great.

  4. that is what they want the world to see it…but deep down inside…all problem is sweep under the cupboard…and one will blow up

  5. Why should be confine to Malay only, other races should encourage to do so.

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