Dr. Chua Soi Lek say Mercedes better!

It is said on his blog.

Proton seems to lost in every angle against Mercedes although we are paying much higher for this German built car. This is not even talking about Japanese cars that are much economical, lesser fuel consumption and will just pound Proton 6ft underground with their safety features.

If you don’t believe that Mr CEO of Proton, try selling your car at the same price as overseas car. Let me know the result. I am sure that you know that because your car did so badly even in nation like Indonesia and Thailand.

After 23 years of protection, subsidies and support from your nation, what did you give us? Disgrace? Hole in our Pocket? Denied us of better Technology Cars? Giving your nation false hope that you will be better (years after years)? Convinced that our EPF saving should go into your company?

I wonder how proton CEO is going to hide his face after earning his nation of all the money, but was it in stupid investment overseas and makes only cars that is already 23 years old (do you see much difference in our very first Proton Saga with our today Iswara?). Proton is a disgrace to the nation. Excise tax is killing the nation of its transportation cost and maintainance cost is also slaughtering our nation of our living cost not to mention the downtime when you need to maintain your car.

One response to “Dr. Chua Soi Lek say Mercedes better!

  1. Proton cars are overprices for its lack of quality. Only in Malaysia.

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