Proton – Malaysia Carmaker

Today we will talk a little off topic from the gas and the highly overated politics that is full of junks.

Our beloved car maker. Take a read from Wikipedia about Proton Company, it is truly amusing that our country would make mistake but the citizen were to bear their mistake. Read the wiki and you will know what am I talking about, you will find that EPF is actually buying up all the useless shares in Proton.

On top of that, we have to pay Excise Duty on our import cars.

My recomendation to Proton, save our money and admit lost. Sell your car manufacturing plant to any other car maker and scrap how everymuch cash you could.

But a typical Malaysian that does not need to hold responsibility of his action that causes all the lost will always be a coward!

2 responses to “Proton – Malaysia Carmaker

  1. Buy Perodua better deal

  2. mohamed nasir fathi saleh

    to the director general, proton company
    I would like to inform that your agent at egypt is not honest and is the main cause that your car is not well promoted at egypt inspite of it is a very potent car in comparison to other well promoted cars at egypt.

    an owner of a proton car at egypt

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