In reply to Shafie

Shafie said blogs not doing any good.

I must say that when information travels through various parties, there may be some information that are altered. But it is also the opportunity for its resident to voice out. The untrue will only mislead a couple of people, but when there is many blogs saying that they are not happy with the Government or they would rather take a radical change to support PKR, this is the TRUTH. Accept the truth!

I strongly thinks that Malaysia Government just wants its citizen to keep quite and let work our ass off to pay tax and then let them handle the huge sum of money. WE ARE UNHAPPY, don’t you get it. Although you may never please everyone in this country, but you are definitely pleasing only the rich ones. The middle class and lower class aren’t satisfied because they are getting poorer each day because of incapable government management in Malaysia.

Even if you are operating a company as a boss, the workers now a days will have a say and eventually the company will fall without good workers. Similar with a country.

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