Taiwan Transportation Cost compare to Malaysia

I just met 2 Taiwanese and they are basically laughing at our country because petrol price that we are paying is only slightly higher compare to their country, But….BUT they only pay at most RM90,000 for a Toyota Camry. It is a joke, real joke for Malaysian Government to increase the petrol price and keep our car price at such a high rate.

That is about RM50,000 extra for petrol price. I wonder how much could we spend on petrol in a year? Let say you spend RM800/month. That is already 5 years of free petrol. 5 YEARS of FREE PETROL!

Also, he mentioned that most roads in Taiwan are FREE, no tolls and no toll rates increasing.

They earn more because their living cost is higher, but their transportation cost to travel the same distance is definitely cheaper than Malaysia.

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