Regroup and vote for removal of Taxes on Import Cars

I think we should all regroup and vote for the same cause. I am sure that there is a lot of people dissatisfied with the current cost of transportation, and even the removal of import tax on cars would not cushion this increase of petrol in the short term.

Moreover, our most absolutely cocky Petronas is actually asking for the last RM0.30/liter of subsidies to be totatly removed. This is what selfish people would do in order to make themselves richer and always tries to monopoly everyone else for the benefit of their ownselves.

Here is the argument for the removal of taxes on cars. I strongly thinks it is a reasonable as we are talking about cost of transportation. We are paying a lot of money in advance, and in return, we loses more on interest that bank charges for our finances. Let us buy a better technology car which would in return consume less petrol. Support removal of Taxes on Import Cars.


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