Crapy reasoning by Tan Sri Hassan Marican

Read this at TheStar about the reason for not subsidising the fuel. It is like another of the child explanation trying to cheat their way through.

First off, doesn’t Petronas exist because they took the petrol from the country? If you took something from the country, this is how you repay them?

“Since the formation of Petronas in 1974 to last year, the company gave the Government RM335.7bil out of a total profit of RM570bil,” Hassan said.

Yes, you gave out so much, did you mention how much you took? How much you have earned?

Hassan revealed that oil companies operating in the country spent RM40bil a year in drilling and exploration works and a lot of this money wasinjected into the local economy.

This is just the hand full companies who get the project. Therefore only empowering those who are already rich. Not injecting into the local economy, they could spend the money overseas for all you know.

Overall this is like a father and son thing, if your father given you a business and ask you to subsidise his living cost, when business gets better and living cost rise, don’t think that you should subsidise your father living cost more? Are you going to blame your father subsidies that the business is predicted to go bursting on 10 years time (god knows what will happen) or not doing as well as other competitor (but earning money) because you are incompetant of growing the business (when market is doing very well).


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