Government Payback for Increasing Petrol Price

Increase in petroleum is quite ridiculous as we are a Net Exporter of petroleum or oil. Look at the chart below and if we have excess of 332,600 barrel (on 2004), our beloved Petronas would bave earned more money when petrol price increased. Instead they complain about their subsidies. Our country minister have some problem siphon our country resources to make people in Petronas RICH, and let other Malaysian pay higher price for their car, for their food and for their petrol now.

Although the data may be a little backward, you could see the picture that there is no reason for Petronas to reduce its subsidies as they are earning more. (sourced from: CIA).

We pay more for our CARS, then why don’t you take away the taxes on CARS!

Government took Malaysia citizen money to help out Proton and it is a total flop, then now government wants us to help the government to pay Petronas because they are subsidizing too much? When they are earning more?

Makes no sense! The government deserves to lose the citizen trust and loyalty!


2 responses to “Government Payback for Increasing Petrol Price

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  2. thanks! this is the place only i can find with the report

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