Malaysia Unfair Distribution of Scholarship

If you read theStar today, you would see that the Malay are unsatisfied with the unfair distribution of scholarship because previously they are given 90% of the scholarship and other races are given 10%. If you see the race distribution from Malaysia wikipedia, bumiputras covers 65%. Isn’t fair to have given 45% to other races. It is 10% more than what is suppose to give, but previously we only had 10%.

I still remember in highschool, when someone with SAP (this is one of the worst grade you could get for an examination), but they are offered a scholarship. I think that the smarter ones should be given the chance to excel, no matter the race.


One response to “Malaysia Unfair Distribution of Scholarship

  1. On this matter, Malaysia is long way to eliminate this policy.

    The policy will be forever there and they will always give excuse to maintain the policy.

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