What would you have done if you own this blog?

I sometimes wonder if someone else where to own this blog, what would the person do? I am pretty sure that most people will just register and leave it as it is. This blog was registered early, during the invite only period, which is pretty lucky for me to grab such a good domain. I know that if I do politics, this would actually be pretty good domain, but unfortunately for me, I hardly catch up with todays politics.

If you have any ideas for me to run this blog, let me know. I would be interested to know.

4 responses to “What would you have done if you own this blog?

  1. blog about all things malaysian. an easy way would be to source on good blog posts about malaysia then link to them.

  2. sulz: thanks for the tips…it is what I am already doing…hehe

  3. How can a person get an investment visa for kuala lumpur?

  4. investment visa?

    I think you could get a malaysia as your second home visa….then you could invest on properties and stocks.

    Not sure how you could get a business visa..but it is possible

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