Malaysia Classifieds

Newspaper Classifieds have been a vital trade medium for everyone, and Internet has actually made it better with wider exposure and lesser cost to the medium, seller and buyer. My Malaysia Classifieds have been started since 2004 and it has grown into a trading community with 5000+ pageviews/day.

Malaysia Classifieds Online is very essential to enhance trade of used electronics, cars, property, housing, real estate, books, jobs and any other item you could think of.

If you have something to sell or you are looking for a rental for your property. Try Syiok.Com, since it is free, you basically have nothing to lose.

There is a lot of benefit to using online classifieds and many have already try using them. The main reason is because you could reach the potential buyer without using an agent, therefore saving you some money and you could rent/sell your property more competitively.

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  2. We are a new and exciting player on Indian online classifieds platform, BolCityBol. With unique features like well classifieds regions, google map listings, college vyapaar section etc BolCityBol has generated a lot of interest and is very easy to use and absolutely free. So for all your needs in cities of Mumbai and Pune Try it today.

  3. It takes time for migration from traditional media to online media such as this. However, government leaders play a part in encouraging more participation in this new internet media.

    WordPress is one fine example that contributes to a new world of online communications.


  4. You also could increase your website ranking in the Internet, product exposure will increase and easily get picked up by major search engines.

  5. You can also submit as many ads you like for FREE at
    Malaysia’s Free classifieds ad site

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