Air Asia Charge Baggages checked in

This is the very first time for me hearing that an airline charges passenger for the baggages they brought up to the plane. I think the next thing which they will charge is the weight of the passenger because

“Lighter baggage on board means burning less fuel, hence, less pollution and a better environment. Fewer checked-in baggage improves airport efficiency and will eventually lead to shorter check-in queues,” he added.

Similarly, lighter passenger should pay less compare to heavier passenger. Lets say a lady weights 60kg with a 30kg baggages and another men weight 120kg with a 5kg baggages, who should consume more fuel?

Anyway, you are suppose to do it 48 hours before your flight. I know someone flying back to Malaysia after 21st April, therefore, I will update the actual process. Currently, you will have to try it out yourself at AirAsia online check in.

2 responses to “Air Asia Charge Baggages checked in

  1. In my opinion, it’s another way of Air Asia recouping from the so-called cheaper fares… That’s why this video is so apt… don’t want to spam you but though comedy, this is really insightful –
    Again, no meant to spam you folks

  2. haha…thanks for the video…it is great

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