Malaysian marrying foreigner

This is NOT a know issue, when you ask a foreigner wife married to a Malaysian, everyone is shock to hear that the wife is actually not a Permanent Resident. It is very sad because there are a lot of issue rise when the wife could not obtain a permanent resident.

Foreign wife are not allowed to work for the first 5 years of marriage, unless the company goes through a process which takes around 3 months approval. Or when the company has MSC status, they could make the process easier. Even after 5 years, the foreigner will have to obtain a letter from the company to get approval from Immigration.

For example, when your children is born, they are a citizen of Malaysia but not the wife, unless they are approved. If anything happens to the husband (touch wood), the wife will be deported back to their original country, but the child is a citizen of Malaysia.

How long can you get your IC? This is the question arise because there is never a definate answer. Immigration officers will inform you that the application starts after year 5 of marriage.

Why does this issue arise? Does Malaysia government just hate foreigners staying permanent in Malaysia? or there is too many people who hires agent to get a wife from an undevelop country? Is this a race issue affraid that other race will be larger?

UPDATE: This was the case previously, good news for those who are tying the knot now as you can work immediately with the company registration information and a official offer letter from the Company. Head to immigration to get your working permit stamp on your spouse visa.

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  1. Malaysia has enough race issues without compounding them with uncontrolled immigration. Strong immigration control will assist Malaysia in maintaining racial harmony, unlike in many countries where tension has risen because of mass immigration.

    Unless they have exceptional skills that the country needs, preventing foreigners from taking local jobs is no bad thing either.

    Lastly, anyone in need of importing a foreign wife into Malaysia needs his head examining, and is blind to the quality of local womanhood.

  2. Spacegoat: true…very true…but they are not even considering exceptional skills

  3. “Lastly, anyone in need of importing a foreign wife into Malaysia needs his head examining, and is blind to the quality of local womanhood” – What a racist phrase….

    God help you people …

  4. ??? Ali: where did you see that phrase? or you said that?

  5. i have problem right now and im seeking for answers.. i want to have divorce with my husband.. we have 1 child.. i want to ask, once we divorce. my child wil go with who? as my child is only 8 months.. and if ever the child go with my husband, and my husband stop my visa. do i still have the right to stay here in malaysia becoz i have right also with my child. pls help me

  6. Good luck…I don’t think you will get your visa.if your husband get your child..anyway if you win the childcare….your kid could choose citizenship on the 18 years if I am correct. …

    this will also depend on your religion (but I am not sure about this)

  7. I am a British women and want to marry a muslim man.
    He is not a strict Muslim but it would please his family & we would like to stay maybe 1 or 2 years.
    He is not a Malaysian Citizan yet but is due to get his passport soon.
    I know I have to convert to Islam but what exactly does this mean? I read that a Muslim man can marry a women from the other scriptures but the children must be bought up as Muslim?

    Can some one tell me what is the procedure?

    Can I work in Malaysia after?

    We only want to stay here for 1 year then go to the UK to live. But we would like the option to go back.

    Can I get residency If I want?

    Thank you I dont know who to contact to get more information.

  8. I am married to Philippines citizen for the past 2 years and at the moment we are in the mid of going for a divorce. Will she be allowed to stay in Malaysia after divorce?. Pls advice the procedure if she wants to her country.

  9. My question here is, what does a foreign wife holding throughout the 1st 5 years?how does the process go?

  10. I am an English man and have been with a Malaysian girl for the past 3 years. We are looking to get registered/married in Malaysia later this year. I just wanted to know if the process is as straightforward as “2 foreigners getting married in Malaysia” or are there restrictions because she is a ‘local’?

    • i got the same problem,but i think you should asking your girl parent for help (in my case my girl is orphan..)they will bring you to registeration department an married in muslim way(aka nikah).good luck.

  11. erm..I think the process is pretty straight forward….just need to head on to putrajaya to get registered, then go through the whole process of getting the visa so that you do not need to leave malaysia every 1 month.

  12. im british man would like to married malay muslim woman..Im holding MM2H.i have to convert muslim? where can i do it?how long can be prosessing?

  13. sir,
    i ve entered malaysia on multiple entry visa for marrying malaysian girl and i need to stay with her.please guide me that how can i stay with her.plz tell me how can i get pr here.

  14. im nanetty 29 years old,im philippine,married to malaysian i asking how to stay there in malaysia???????????because i like me stay there my country my husband very sweet to me and husband family sweet to me..please help me how to stay there in malaysia…………..thnk you!because malaysia country is beautiful and very very nice this country,,,,,,,,,,

  15. If I have a kid after married, what nationality that the kid will have later?
    Because I heard that if Malaysian married with foreigner, later on when they have kid, the Malaysian government won’t give the kid Malaysian citizen.
    Is it true?
    Because I want to keep my nationality and my bf also wants to keep his nationality.But we don’t want our kid later don’t have any nationality.

    Btw, I’m Indonesian and my bf is Malaysian.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You

  16. I am from somalia and i want to marry girl from Hong Kong in malaysia by the end of this year. i am student in malaysia and she will come from hong kong we just want only to get marry in malaysia and then after my study leave so what is the process ..thankx

  17. I am a german citizen, marrid to Malay women and have three children.
    Can my children get malay citizenship.
    Could you please kindly answer me.
    Thank yuo very much.

  18. i am a pakistani and want to marry here in malaysia to the local and educated woman my age is 36

  19. hi i am a srilankan refuge…
    now i like to marry a malaysian girl…
    what is the procedure to register our marrage?
    could you please answer me?
    thank you very much….

  20. MATHI

    Malaysian law does not allow a refugee to marry a local.its sad but that’s the reality,u cant register your marriage at the National Registration Dept.


  21. hi i am a nepali man. i was work in malaysia 4 year and recently return my country. I have a malaysian indian girlfriend we both truly love each other but, she want we stay together in malaysia. So please anybody help me how to marry her and what type of process we need?

  22. hi i m bilal from pakistan and i want merry with malaysian women she is 52 and me just 32 but we love each other so much pls help me how we merry and which documents i need because i m at tourist visa she is cristen and she will convert muslim pls reply me via my e mail and my e mail is and after merry can i stay and start bussiness in malaysia pls help me ……..

  23. For all issues related to Spouse Visa/Work Permit, you may contact QADKAM Sdn Bhd (900796-A) which is leading licensed Malaysian relocation company and have very sound track record of successful clients from all over the world. Please be aware of “Flying Agents” and always consult with Professionals for legal advise.

    You can find QADKAM contact details even from “Google”. Simply enter “QADKAM” in search box and you will find the contact details. The corporate office of QADKAM Sdn Bhd is located: 22AC, 4th Floor, Menara-B, Persiaran MPAJ, (near to Pantai Hospital/Opposite to MayBank), Pandan Indah. Tel:00603 92875120 (

    While QADKAM Sdn Bhd has it’s branch offices in U.K, Swaziland and Pakistan.

  24. If you are marrying with a Muslim Malaysian, then you must register your marriage with “Majlis Agama’. And if you are a foreigner NON-Muslim male, then first you have to convert as “Muslim” to marry a Muslim Malaysian and it can also be done at “Majlis Agama”. But if the “Couple” (both) are non-Muslim, then you need to register your marriage at “JPN”. For further assistance, you may consult with QADKAM professionals.

    QADKAM Sdn Bhd Corporate Office:
    22-AC, 4th Floor, Menara-B
    MPAJ Building (near Pantai Hospital/Opposite to MayBank)
    Pandan Indah-55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Tel: +603 9287 5120

  25. dear story to marrige to malaysian lady .and apply for pass 5 years. i wanna marriage malaysian lady last year. but as law i have to go out for country. and enter again malaysia then take marriage study course take 3 days and learn more about marriage life. then after get that certificate in kuala lumpur. i went to her home town in terengganu state. travel 8 hours then attested immigration letter and (i must have my un marriage certificate wich is must attested from my embassy in malaysia and forigen affair office ).with your couple photos then next days rushed to same state hospital for medical attest .then next week arrange for marriage party at her home town ..and by law i could can get certificate .next after 30 days but till then i have no more visa to stay in malaysia to marriage office issue me a letter to pass immigration. and get 1 month more visa i been to shah alam city for get 1 month pass but immigration shah alam stamped pass (no more further extension required) even they knew visa pass was issued by marriage department office of religion. then after 1 month. i got certificate from terengganu state and travel again to immigration office but at counter immigration she said you can not apply marrige citizen pass because my visa left only 2 days they need more 2 weeks for apply pass totherwise must have to leave the country. then i travel again terengganu to kuala lumpur and bought sri lankan air line ticket to leave country. but no flight available before 5 days. but i have no choice left so i bought ticket and rushed to klia air port early morning by taxi to fly back .after spent 7 hours at airport .i did not get my boarding becuse. i was over stay 2 days and as law find rm 35 per days i had to pay find .but when i reached at boarding counter reception said you need to reach putrajaya immigration office and pay find there it was 35 kl for airport. then i request alot to immigration authority but they refused. then i took taxi to reach putrajaya but they said buy new ticket .and queue in line there were around 110 peoples already in queue .then i rushed to kuala lumpur city for buy .again new ticket after i paid find and ticket extention to travel agency 430rm i go .again to putrajaya office but my turn was 75 number and 5pm office get closed .and then next day i ask my wife to come kl(she stay and work in johor baru 325km from kuala lumpur my house)then we both reached to immigration shah alam then she request 1 more month pass. they behave good and issue me 1 month pass by fee 100rm they said i can apply for 5 years pass but need attached 21 requirements 1. 2 sets of Form Imm.55

    4. Malaysian Sponsor Statement form

    5. Husband’s and wife’s particulars form

    6. Additional information form

    Security Bond which has been stamped with a RM10.00 revenue stamp
    8. Statutory Declaration of marriage is still in effect

    9. 2 passports size photographs of husband and wife

    10. Photocopy of husband’s/wife’s birth certificate

    11. Photocopy of husband’s/wife’s Identification Card

    12. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate (marriage abroad)

    13. Photocopy of Malaysian Marriage Certificate

    14. Photocopy of Divorce/Death Certificate (if applicable)

    15. Wedding photographs

    16. Photocopy of children’s birth certificates

    17. Trading License/ROC form/Form J (Proprietor)

    18. Supporting letter from employer (Employee)

    19. Income statement (Form J/bank book/3 months salary slip)

    20. Residential address

    21. Photocopy of husband’s/wife’s passport we arranged that all documents took around 3 weeks and travel alot after my wife took maney holidays from office we rushed to immigration office shah alam and try to submit documents but immigration lady at counter said becuse your wife ic from johor baru so you apply from johor baru even i explane alot we have plan to stay and business in kuala lumpur and we are looking for place for shop let but she refused as we apply in shah alam city (senior foreign businessmen it take money troubles if your visa pass or business pass from other state so you have to rush every time that state for any business approval) and we left no enough money to travel and pay more fee and headch so i told my wife you stay in malaysia and i will travel to arab every 2 months later better we stop quarreling and riding for unavailable pass.we both travel 1000KM+JB KL 350KM+JB TERANGGANU 800KM+TERENGGANU JB 800KM.JB SHAH ALAM KL 400KM +SHAH ALAM JB 400KM.TOLL PLAZA FEE 50RM PER JB KL TOUR BY HIWAY.+KUANTAN KL 300KM FOR WIFE BIRTH CERTIFICATE+KUANTAN JB 400KM VIA MERSING+JB SHAH ALAM 400KM +SHAHA ALAM JB VIA HIWAY MELAKA+ IF I AM NOT WRONG WE SPENT MALAYSIAN CURRENCY RM30,000 OVER OUR MARRIGE AND TRAVEL BY AIR PLANE AND BY CAR AND BUS AROUND 6000km.SO AFTER THAT DOCUMENTS RACE AGAINST OUR PEACE LOVE LIFE WE DECIDE TO STOP MORE.

    • Human law made is stupid

      O man i did marry a malay girl last year , we both students in here and I think your story is really touching , this country is too racist and stupid laws have been made , Let me leave her before I get fucked up like you haha

  26. hi, i am malaysian girl, my boyfriend pakistani, we want to get marry. can you help me?

    • Dania>> If your family is also willing for your marriage then it will be very simple marriage which you can register with JAWI. But if your parents (Wali) is not willing in this marriage then you may go to Thailand (Songhkla) and can get marry over there. Even after registering your marriage with local Majlis Agama Islam, Songhkla, you can also register this marriage in Malaysian Consulate in Songhkla. After getting certificate from Malaysian Consulate, you will be required again to register your marriage in JAWI. For JAWI, you will be required to have Surta Nikah (which you will get from Songhkla), the Passport copies of both of you (to show entry/exit stamps to prove that you really went to Thailand), I.C copy.
      If you need more assistance, please contact QADKAM Sdn Bhd,, Kuala Lumpur office by calling 03-92875120. (But please think thousands time before you get marry with any Foreigner whether American, British or Pakistani!)

      • why do said so? need to think thousand before marrying Pakistani? any troubles? btw im chinese malaysian, gonna marry a pakistani in the near future..whats the procedures as im not a muslim..TIA

      • Violet>>, The reason is, mostly the foreigner marries in Malaysia just to settle here. If you know the background of foreigner (that he is well settled in his own home country) and he marrying you as a soulmate then go ahead. But if the foreigner is not well settled in his own home country, it means he may potentially use you to stay in Malaysia. And another fact, which foreigners do not know and later when they come to know,they get annoyed, is..”immigration”. While getting marry with local citizen, Foreigner thinks that he can get Malaysian citizenship easily if he marries with local. But later foreigner gets annoyed by knowing that more than thousands of people have died in just waiting to get PR/Citizenship. It’s not simple to get Malaysian PR or Citizenship without strong and genuine relationship.
        For consultancy on how to get marry in Malaysia”, you may contact QADKAM Worldwide.

    • hai dania
      can you contact me.014-6974754(wanie

  27. Dania>>If your religion is other than Islam, then your marriage can be registered in Malaysia without any problem. Then you will be required to get appointment from JPN to register your marriage…and no need to go to Thailand!

  28. Khatijah Malcolm

    Hi there everyone. I have a really big problem here and can’t think of any solution!! I hope someone can tell me what to do. I am a Malaysian and i’m getting married to a British citizen. We are planning to get married on this 16th January which is just around the corner! So the last document is the marriage approval from embassy,in order to get the marriage letter,we need to bring them statutory declaration and our ic and passport. So the problem is the statutory declaration! To get the statutory declaration issued by any Commissioner for Oath/Notary Public/Solicitor ,he must be in Malaysia or UK to get them(but he is currently working in NZ),and he can’t come to Malaysia (because of work etc),neither UK. So what can we do in order to get them? I really do appreciate if you can help me!! Thanks!

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  30. Hello I m sunny from India I want to marry in Malaysian girl I m 27yeara old if any one interested concert me I m new in Malaysia before I m work in hotel reception in Hong Kong 016 3433694 this is my Facebook

  31. Desprate heart

    Im a foreigner married to malaysian girl a year ago and currently staying in malaysia. Our relation started when we were working in the factory and we planned to get married. I converted into islam and got married following the ligal procedure. Before getting married my mother-in-law had no objections with our relation neither did the other family members of my wife. But from the following day of marriage till now my mother in law finds excuses and starts to fight with me which is harassing and mentally toutreing. I never fight back respecting her age and she is my wife’s mom. The problem is this thing is getting worse which is hampering our relation. My wife loves her mom and me so much and i love her too. She wont accept to live seperate with me from her mom. In other way i dont want her family to split b’coz of me. So the better option benifiting three of us would be getting divorce in my personal openion. The fact is i cant bear this mental tourtre any longer.

    So what should i do? And whats the procedure if we want to get divorce and what would be the cost?

  32. How long I need to stay in malaysia to get married in malaysia from day of arrival??

  33. I’m from Philippines but my husband is Malaysian.. can I ask about this what they need if I married there in Malaysia.. I want to know?

  34. Hi Good Day, I’m a Malaysian’s Indian girl going to get marry with India’s Indian boy so what the procedure for registration marriage and how long the process. if after our wedding my husband can get PR Malaysia automatically? if we to always run to India and Malaysia isit any problems?

  35. Najeeb UIlah Khan

    My name is Awais khan i live in pakistan .My gf want marry with me in pakistan she have malaysian nationality.can you tell me plz how can i go in malayisa how can i registered my married in pakistan ?how can i get supose visa? awais.khan429 its my its my Email kindly explain me

  36. Hi i would like to enquiry about divorce issues my friend is a foreigner who is married to a malaysian man but things get worsen for them so she want to get divorce from her husband but she have two children is under malaysia citizen is it possible the children can be mother custody even though my friend under visa

  37. Hello! Im Filipina who married and divorced recently to Malaysian citizen, I have my son 9years old who is malaysian citizen and it is taking care by my mother in law. I am still in malaysia since my company issued me my working permit.if my working permit expired and I choose to go back to my country can I bring my son with me? For my son father hesitated to give me my son and my mother inlaw dont also allow my son to follow me coz theare the one who took care of my son since I work. Pls help me. thanks a lot. what are my rights as a mother?

    • No! He is Malaysian and only one citizenship. You can bring him to Philippines only for balikbayan visa which is 1 year 🙂 I also Philippines married with Malaysian Chinese and 3 Malaysian kids!

  38. Penjit prasertwanich

    I am a Thai citizen, married to an Indian Malaysian man 26 years ago. We both are residing in Bangkok and have been separated for 3 years now. I want to file a divorce without mutual consent. What are the procedures that I have to go through, where to start? My marriage certificate was issued in Sabah, do I need to go back there to file divorce or I can do it in any state in Malaysia? What will be the charges like? Where to find an appropriate lawyer to do the case for me since I don’t know anyone in Malaysia?

  39. I just want to ask something im a foreign worker here and my bf is foreign also from US and both of us are here how we can get married what document needed?
    Thank you

  40. I am a black man Muslim and I want to marry a Malaysian girl, is there any one who is onterest on me?

  41. * Interest on me? And I am 25 yrs old, and a student as well

  42. saya mau grils

  43. Dear Allz,

    This post is related to those who are marrying Malaysians or they are already in Malaysia and want to marry in Malaysia with Foreigner.

    This is not for them who are posting “Saya Mau Girls” or “I want to marry you”…

    Malaysia is a country not a play ground where many are just waiting for your whistle! If no one from your own country is ready to marry you how a Malaysian can marry you without any relationship?
    Anyways..For those who are seeking information regarding marrying Malaysia whether with Malaysian or Foreigner, I hope following information will be useful.
    If both (the couple) is NON-MUSLIM Foreigners and they want to marry and register the marriage in Malaysia, then the process is VERY simple. Just get an appointment from JPN Department ( and fill up the forms and register your marriage.

    If any of the couple is Muslim, then first non-Muslim hasto convert to Islam then only you can register your marriage in Malaysia. To do so, first you have to convert to Islam and so needs to visit JAWI (Religious Department) and then only you can register your marriage with JAWI.

    If you are a Muslim Foreigner and going to marry a Malaysian even then the process is simple. Visit JAWI and register your marriage after Nikkah.
    Even now, you can get “Nikah Kad” which is having photographs of both (husband and wife).

    To apply Spouse Visa; Once your marriage is registered then you can apply “Spouse Visa” at any nearest State Immigration Office. To apply Spouse Visa, you both have to be present on immigration counter. Normally, first time you will get 1 year “Spouse Visa” which is extendable. And may get straight 4 years when you go to extend it after first year. both has to be present at Immigration counter.

    To apply Spouse visa, you can simply register a “Business” at SSM office which will cost you RM50 only and then may ask your Malaysian Spouse to appoint you as “Manager” or whatever the actual position is, in her/his business. You must attach a “Salary Contract” duly stamped by tax department (LHDN) with your spouse visa application.

    Spouse to a Malaysian citizen is allowed to work in any position or may start his/her own business. You just need to visit Immigration Office again to get the FREE endorsement of “Work Permission” on your passport.

    To get PR, is NOT very simple and easy.
    To apply PR as spouse to a Malaysian citizen, you must stay in Malaysia for minimum 5 years then only you can “apply” (not “get”).

    That is the reason, we always warn…don’t try to cheat Malaysians just for your dream!..It is not easy to Get PR…”Don’t under estimate Malaysian Immigration Department”!…to apply PR, once you have completed your 5 years continuously on “Spouse Visa” then you need to apply “Entry Permit (Permit Masuk). Again..remember…If you were NOT on spouse visa for exactly 5 years, you cannot apply PR. To apply PR, you must be on “Spouse Visa” (not any other visa) for at least 5 years.

    To apply “Entry Permit” you need to visit the same state Immigration Office where you applied your “Spouse Visa” (as the same office will already be having your file). You both MUST be present with original passport and other required documents.

    After applying “Entry Permit”, you have to wait a long. if lucky, in 6 months or 1 year, you will get an interview call at “Bukit Aman” (Police Headquarter). Having a good command on “Malay Language” is not a big problem at this stage (But you must learn Bahasa as you are going to make Malaysia as your permanent residence). Both Husband and Wife MUST be present in the interview. After interview (if successful), you will receive a letter of confirmation from Immigration Department through ordinary post (POS Malaysia). Bear in mind; after interview, the police will double check the record of your entire stay in Malaysia).

    Then you need to visit the Immigration Office again along with a Bank Draft of RM120 and original letter of confirmation.

    Here you go!..The Immigration Officer on the counter will hand over you the “Entry Permit” (Permit Masuk). Please note, “Entry Permit” is issued only for once. You cannot get it’s duplicate. So all life..keep it is lost, you are gone!

    Now, you need to take the original “Permit Masuk” to nearest JPN office to apply the PR Card (MyPR). Once you apply PR Card, it will be ready in almost 20 days after security clearance from relevant agencies.

    After having the Malaysian PR status, you are no more longer required to apply any type of visa to remain in Malaysia. Now you are Permanent Resident of Malaysia and may come and go any time for any duration of stay. Whether you live here for ever!

    But keep in your mind. To travel abroad, still you have to use your own “Foreigner Passport”. You can NOT apply Malaysian Passport until you are “Malaysian Citizen”. But while arriving at Malaysian airport, you can use “Paspot Malaysia” lane.

    To apply Malaysian citizenship, again…you have to wait for another 5 years. After successful stay on Malaysian PR then only you can apply Malaysian citizenship. Again…Please don’t mix-up the word “apply” with “Get”. “apply” does not mean, you will definitely get it. Getting Malaysian citizenship is not your right. It is total discretion of Malaysian Government to accept or reject the citizenship application (which you can apply only after 5 years of your stay as PR) without telling any reason.

    For child nationality; If you are PR, and your child born in Malaysia, the baby is Malaysian citizen automatically. For Malaysian citizenship, any of the parents MUST be Malaysian citizen at the time of child’s birth. And most important; the child must be born WITH IN Malaysia then only his/her nationality will be “Malaysian” automatically. If the child born OUTSIDE Malaysia then his/her nationality will be determined by the JPN and the baby will get PR status only (NOT CITIZENSHIP), provided that the child’s birth was registered in time at nearest Malaysian embassy abroad.

    But if the child born WITHIN Malaysia, then the hospital (where child was born) will give you the birth registration form as Malaysian citizen (if any of the parent is Malaysian citizen or Malaysian PR).

    If your marriage is terminated within 5 years of your “Spouse Visa”, your “Spouse Visa” will also be terminated immediately.

    If you already married and want to do 2nd marriage with a Malaysian lady, then you have to get the “Polygamy Marriage” permission form the “Court” by filing a petition (easy through lawyer).

    (Please double check the above mentioned information with the concerned Government Department while proceeding. The information provided above is NOT FOR ANY GAIN and is NOT an advise).

    For any INFORMATION, you can also email us at: (QADKAM Worldwide)

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your info! I am Singaporean married to Malaysian 6 years. We are going to interview next week at KL immigration office. I have a concern performing interview in BM as my level of BM is very basic… Could you please advise what sort of questions they are going to ask?

  44. i search girlfriend form maleshiyan girl please contact me

  45. Respect every country law. That’s better way. Even hard but respect

  46. Im pakistani muslim my age is 23 my study is bsc hons i want mariage in malasia im poor any girls or woman want mariage with me which suport me finacial and mariage with me then tel me email

  47. Iam from india punjabi boy my age24 i find girl in malaysia for marrige i am still single i want simpal girl

  48. Hi im a Malaysian lady..planning to get married to a Pakistani muslim going to Pakistan to get married there and I will come back to msia with my husband but after coming to msia do we need to register our marriage here as well and what is the procedures..can any1 help me…..tq lia..cecilydissanayake@Gmail

    • Hello how u register ur wedding in Malaysia which get from Pakistan pls tell to me I want also help cz my wife is from Malaysia but I m now in Pakistan but I want it marry with at Skype or phone nikkah it is easy for register in Malaysia pls spout me do that my job pls my e-mail address is or whatsapp too Me for detail +601117104506

  49. Hello,

    I am a philippine national, was married and divorced from a malaysian guy, i am still staying in malaysia, i have a british boyfriend which we want to get marry, does anyone know the procedure?
    because we are both foreigner, (he is working here) will i be able to stay with him? and what kind of visa will i have?
    does being a divorcee of a malaysian be a problem for us if we want to marry here?

    really appreciate your advice..thank u.

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  55. Hi, dear sir… my friend’s husband registerd his marriage and have two childs in srilanka. But he went to malaysia for work in studio. After two years he come back srilanka and said he had a affair in malaysian girl. So he needs to get married that girl and no one help to his wife and children here. So plz tell me how to stip him. Can i inform that in to malaysian government with details. They try to marry in malaysia and he said didn’t come back.

  56. how cani get marry to my malaysian gf if i am married in the philippines, i already separated for 5 years to my wife..

  57. Hi, do you happen to know the current updates? I am a Chinese from Indonesia and my wife is from Malaysia but we live permanently in Malaysia now. Since my name in passport is in indonesia style eg. Robert Rusli. My Chinese name is Lee but it is not in my passport. If our future baby born in Malaysia, can we name him/her straight to (nickname LIE middle last) WITHOUT “rusli”? Is it possible? Besides, will our future baby consider a Malaysian or Indonesian? Kindly advice. Thanks!

    • As your wife is Malaysian, so if baby born in, will get Malaysian citizenship but if born overseas, then will get PR (not citizenship).and you have to get the birth registered at nearest Malaysian embassy.

  58. i m Malaysian can i marry Myanmar refugee girl.

  59. my friend is a British citizen who marry Sarawak Malaysian….and live in Kuala Lumpur…..He have his PR for already 3 years…he is now 74….retired…not much money the wife always say want to cancel his PR status if he dont give her what she want…….CAN THE MALAYSIAN WIFE CANCEL THE HUSBAND PR STATUS IN MALAYSIA?????? Please reply soon

  60. me and my boyfriend are both foreigners we want to marry here but I’m past time married alrdy but now I’m convert to Islam,so we can get married or not.thanks

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