Why is the flag faded?

People must be wondering why my Malaysia flag is faded. I actually altered a Malaysia flag picture to have it faded. This is because Malaysia is far from a perfect country, I guess no country will be perfect, but Malaysia have still a lot to learn from developed countries but in order to achieve them, Malaysia use our oil resources carefully to grow our country together with its people and not only work with the rich ones.

4 responses to “Why is the flag faded?

  1. hi,

    i stumble upon your blog and i m a malaysian living abroad. Well , i used to think the same as u that the msia is far from perfect. However since i had lived here in the states, i came to realization that Msia had actually provide lots of oppurnities for the people in terms of health and educations. In the states here, there is no such thing as free health care like the goverment hospital we had.

    however nice blog. 🙂 keep it up.

  2. hi…thanks for dropping by…

    I am actually educated in the united states…healthcare is a problem there for the poorer and elderly..i must agree…..but things are easier and straight forward..in terms of business sense…….it is very hard to survive in Malaysia considering that jobs are underpaid……when i was schooling…other students work off-campus part time and could loan for a car and pay their rental…this is how independent and highly paid they are.

  3. “Malaysia have still a lot to learn from developed countries”
    Wrong. At least Malaysia is a human society where people still strive for a living as nature intended and where the hedonistic excesses of developed countries are largely absent. High tax + high social security, as in Europe are inhuman systems that enslave the population. Malaysia should search for the middle way.

  4. I totally agree with you, Malaysia has long way to go.

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